12 ago. 2018

Des-escribir lo jurídico


Law as performance
Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas, Martha Merrill Umphrey (eds.)
Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2018, ix, 250 pp. : ill.
ISBN: 9781625343543

In considering law through the lens of performance studies, the contributors in this volume emphasize the embodied, affective, and reiterative qualities that move law off the printed page and into the thick world of lived experience. They consider the blurring of lines between performance and the enactment of law, the transformative exchanges between the law and its many and varied stagings, and the impact or resonance of performativity in situations where innocence and guilt may be determined.
Introduction : law and/as performance / Martha Merrill Umphrey, Austin Sarat, and Lawrence Douglas
Penitentiary performances : spectators, affecting scenes, and terrible apparitions in the nineteenth-century model prison / Julie Stone Peters
"This is a trial, not a performance!": staging the time of the law / Ryan Hartigan
Reenactability / Ann Pellegrini and Karen Shimakawa
Statements before and after arrests : performing at Law's Edge in Apartheid South Africa / Catherine M. Cole
Freedom with silence : cryptoanalytics and the differend in the afterlives of legal things / Lara D. Nielsen
Twelve notes on Ferguson : black performance and police power / Joshua Chambers-Letson

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