20 jun. 2018

Progresando a la aceptación jurídico-racional de las emociones

Law, Reason, and Emotion
Mortimer N. S. Sellers (ed.),
Cambrige: Cambridge University Press, 2017, 244 pp.
This book examines the role and importance of reason and emotion in justice and the law. Eight lawyers and philosophers of law consider law's basis in the universal human need for society, our innate sense of justice, and many other powerful inclinations and emotions, including the desire for fairness and even for law itself. Human beings are deeply social creatures, inspired by social and other emotions, which can ennoble, support, or undermine the law. Law gains legitimacy and effectiveness when reason recognizes and embraces human emotions for the benefit of society as a whole. This volume explores the power and purposes of reason and emotion in the law.
Mortimer N. S. Sellers
2- Law, Reason, and Emotion
Mortimer N. S. Sellers
3- Law’s Emotions
Robin West
4- The Constitutional Domestication of Emotions
András Sajó
5- Mind and Rights: Neuroscience, Philosophy, and the Foundations of Legal Justice
Matthias Mahlmann
6- Rights, Reason, and Emotion: Conflict and Balance of Rights
Daniel Mendonca
7- The Law of Honor
Kwame Anthony Appiah
8- Interactive Reason in Law
Ko Hasegawa
9-  The Wrath of Reason and The Grace of Sentiment: Vindicating Emotion in Law
Patricia Mindus
Mortimer N. S. Sellers, University of Maryland, Baltimore

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