15 jun. 2018

Derecho y Literatura Asia/América/Europa

The Idea of Justice in Literature
Hiroshi Kabashima, Shing-I Liu, Christoph Luetge and Aurelio de Prada García (eds.)
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, 2018, 214 pp
ISBN: 978-3-658-21995-6
ISBN 978-3-658-21996-3 (ebook)
The theme arises from the legal-academic movement "Law and Literature". This newly developed field should aim at two major goals, first, to investigate the meaning of law in a social context by questioning how the characters appearing in literary works understand and behave themselves to the law (law in literature), and second, to find out a theoretical solution of the methodological question whether and to what extent the legal text can be interpreted objectively in comparison with the question how literary works should be interpreted (law as literature). The subject of justice and injustice has been covered not only in treatises of law and philosophy, but also in many works of literature: On the one hand, poets and writers have been outraged at the social conditions of their time. On the other hand, some of them have also contributed fundamental reflections on the idea of justice itself.
Kabashima, Hiroshi (et al.)
Widerstand im Namen der Gerechtigkeit
Liu, Shing-I
The Heads of Justice
de Prada Garcíai, Aurelio
Taming the Anger
Pan, You-Da
Democracy, Law, Judges and Solitude
Hutt, Donald Bello
The Idea of the Honest Businessman in Literature
Luetge, Christoph
What Justice? Things as They Are
Álvarez.Gálvez, Íñigo
From Brave New World to Island
Linhares, José Manuel Aroso
Kafka und Schwejk
Wintr, Jan
Romanticism and Political Violence
Kabashima, Hiroshi
A Penny for Your Thoughts:
The Conceptions of Justice in the Literature of Cora Coralina
López, Nuria
Justice without Formulas
Stawecki, Tomasz
Rule of Law and State of Exception in Arts
Ramos, Marcelo Maciel (et al.)
Der Sinn des Rechtsgedankens
Pavčnik, Marijan
The Concept of Gewalt in Walter Benjamin Philosophy of Law
Ribeiro, Karla Pinhel (et al.)
Hiroshi Kabashima is professor of jurisprudence in the School of Law at Tohoku University, Japan.
Shing-I Liu is professor in the School of Law at National Taipei University, Taiwan.
Christoph Luetge is professor of business ethics at Technical University of Munich, Germany.
Aurelio de Prada García is professor of philosophy of law at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain.
Reúne parte de los trabajos presentados al Special Workshop: The Idea of Justice in Literature/ Die Idee der Gerechtigkeit in der Literatur. IVR 2015

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