21 may. 2018

Guía temática en Derecho y Humanidades: (Norte) América, s. XIX

The Routledge Research Companion to
Law and Humanities in Nineteenth-Century America
Nan Goodman and Simon Stern (eds.)
Oxford: Routledge, 2017, 372 pp.
ISBN: 9781472441003

Nineteenth-century America witnessed some of the most important and fruitful areas of intersection between the law and humanities, as people began to realize that the law, formerly confined to courts and lawyers, might also find expression in a variety of ostensibly non-legal areas such as painting, poetry, fiction, and sculpture. Bringing together leading researchers from law schools and humanities departments, this Companion touches on regulatory, statutory, and common law in nineteenth-century America and encompasses judges, lawyers, legislators, litigants, and the institutions they inhabited (courts, firms, prisons). It will serve as a reference for specific information on a variety of law- and humanities-related topics as well as a guide to understanding how the two disciplines developed in tandem in the long nineteenth century.



List of Figures
Notes on Contributors

Part I: Human Kinds

Nan Goodman and Simon Stern

1. Women: Politics, Culture, and the Law
Joyce W. Warren

2. "The Very Idea of a Slave is a Human Being in Bondage"
Jeannine Marie DeLombard

3. The Corporation and the Transformation of American Culture
Aaron Ritzenberg

4. Deviance in Nineteenth-Century American Law and Culture
Tal Kastner

5. Comparative Racialization and American Indian Identity in Nineteenth-Century America
Cheryl Suzack

6. The Legal Person: Tracing the History of a Forensic Fiction
Susanna L. Blumenthal

Part II: A New Archive

Nan Goodman and Simon Stern

7. Law in Nineteenth-Century American Periodicals
Michael H. Hoeflich

8. Spectacular Judgments: Law and Disorder in the Nineteenth-Century
Visual Imagination
Jon Blandford

9. Legal Language: Expansion, Consolidation, Resistance
Robert L. Tsai

10. The Impersonation of Justice: Lynching, Dueling, and
Wildcat Strikes in Nineteenth Century America
Norman W. Spaulding

11. The Somers Mutiny and the American Ship of State

Robert A. Ferguson

Part III: Managing the Human

Nan Goodman and Simon Stern

12. The Emergence of a Right to Privacy
Milette Shamir

13. The Science of Identity
Simon A. Cole

14. The American Prison, 1786-1860
John Cyril Barton

15. How Meetings Won the West
Andrea McDowell

16. A Gatekeeping Nation: Asian Invasion and the Rise of Xenophobic
Immigration Law
Edlie Wong

17. Fictions of Race and Personality: Nineteenth-Century Law and
Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson
Trinyan Mariano

Part IV: Affective Relations

Nan Goodman and Simon Stern

18. Civic Capacity and Participatory Citizenship in the Nineteenth Century
United States
Yvonne Pitts

19. "Vital Tissues of the Spirit": Constitutional Emotions in the Antebellum United
Doni Gewirtzman

20. Beyond Belief: Religion, Law and Popular Culture in the "Forgotten Century"
Deborah Whitehead

21. Gothic Stories, Mens Rea, and the American Criminal Law
Laura I. Appleman


Nan Goodman  is Professor of English at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

Simon Stern is Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Centre for Innovation Law & Policy at the University of Toronto, Canada.

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