16 abr. 2018

El pasado es prólogo: Shakespeare posthumano

Karen Raber
Shakespeare and Posthumanist Theory
London/New Dely/New York/ Sidney: Bloomsbury Group, 2018, 216 pp.
ISBN: 9781474234436

Shakespeare and Posthumanist Theory charts challenges in the field of Shakespeare studies to the assumption that the category human is real, stable, or worthy of privileging in discussions of the playwright's work. Drawing on a variety of methodologies - cognitive theory, systems theory, animal studies, ecostudies, the new materialisms - the volume investigates the world of Shakespeare's plays and poems in order to represent more thoroughly its variety, its ethics of inclusion, and its resistance to human triumphalism and exceptionalism.

Chapter 1: We Have Never Been Humanist: Genealogies of Posthumanism
Chapter 2: Posthuman Cosmography
Chapter 3: Bodies and Minds
Chapter 4: Neither Fish nor Fowl
Chapter 5: TechnoBard
Chapter 6: Post-posthumanism? Back to the Future


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