18 mar. 2018

'Emblematica'. Nueva revista de cultura visual

Emblematica: Essays in Word and Image
Vol. 1 (2017), XXXIV - 262 pp. 70 ill.
Valérie HAYAERT (Rédacteur)- Mara R. WADE (Rédacteur en chef)
ISSN: 2571—5070
ISBN: 9782600058438


- Bath, Michael. The Proofs of Antonio Tempesta’s Engravings for Historia Septem Infantium de Lara: A Correction

- Cheney, Liana De Girolami. Four Imprese by Bernardino Poccetti for the Ceiling of the Loggia of the Palazzo Marzichi-Lenzi in Florence

- Chorpenning, Joseph F. Ars laudandi, Francis de Sales’s Picture of St. Joseph’s Sanctification, and Its Emblematic Adaptation by Adrien Gambart

- Ellens, Jantina. “Skrue up the Heightened Pegs of Thy Sublime Theorboe”: Tuning the Senses in Quarles’s Emblemes (1635)

- McDonald, William C. Standing atop a Dying World: Observing a Printer’s Device of Franz Behem

- Pinson, Yona. Hans Holbein the Younger’s Marginal Drawings for Erasmus’s Praise of Folly (Basel, 1515): Pre-Emblematic Patterns

- Smart, Sara. Fashioning the Great Elector: The Iconography of the Berlin Triumphal Entries of 1677 and 1678

- Wade, Mara R. Emblemata Politica in Context: Georg Rem’s Manuscript at the Newberry Library

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