16 mar. 2018

Derecho y Literatura en Alemania. Seminarios de primavera. Sobre 'Derecho de los refugiados'. Juristische Fakultät. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Law and Literature
Juristische Fakultät. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

The seminar is meant to offer to students the opportunity of reflecting about interrelations between law and literature, and to discuss fundamental questions of law on the basis of literary texts. A first part of the seminar deals with the relationship between law and literature: In how far can legal texts, e.g. court decisions, be read as literary texts, and how is literary design used as a strategy in a legal context? How does our thinking about interpretation vary regarding law and literature, which role do we attribute to authorship and to representation?
How do literary texts affect the law, or inform our thinking about law? On the basis of these questions, the second part of the seminar engages with extracts from classic literary texts that describe ambiguity and irresolvable tensions in the law. Here will also be space for suggestions by students for additional texts to discuss. The third part of the seminar considers how literary accounts shape in particular the spatial imagination of law and of legal relationships.
Docente: Dr. Dana Schnalz 

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