27 ene. 2018

Incesto y novela gótica. Novedad bibliográfica

Jenny DiPlacidi
Gothic incest. Gender, sexuality and transgression
Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018, 328 pp.
ISBN: 97817849-93061

The first full-length study of incest in the Gothic genre, this book argues that Gothic writers resisted the power structures of their society through incestuous desires. It provides interdisciplinary readings of incest within father-daughter, sibling, mother-son, cousin and uncle-niece relationships in texts by authors including Emily Brontë, Eliza Parsons, Ann Radcliffe and Eleanor Sleath. The analyses, underpinned by historical, literary and cultural contexts, reveal that the incest thematic allowed writers to explore a range of related sexual, social and legal concerns. Through representations of incest, Gothic writers modelled alternative agencies, sexualities and family structures that remain relevant today.

Jenny DiPlacidi is Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Studies and Romanticism at the University of Kent

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