7 ene. 2017

‘Spatial turn’ & Law. Sobre cultura visual (y más) del Derecho

Spaces of Justice. Peripheries, passages, appropriations
Chris Butler & Edward Mussawir (eds.)
Routledge, New York, 2017, 173 pp.
ISBN: 9781138955219

This collection is inspired by the transdisciplinary possibilities posed by the connections between space and justice. Drawing on a variety of theoretical influences that include Henri Lefebvre, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Doreen Massey, Gillian Rose, Walter Benjamin, Elias Canetti, Antonio Negri and Yan Thomas, the contributors to this book conduct a series of jurisprudential, aesthetic and political inquiries into ‘just’ modes of occupying space, and the ways in which space comes under the signs of law and justice. Bringing together leading critical legal scholars with theorists and practitioners from other disciplines within the humanities, Spaces of Justice investigates unexplored associations between law and architectural theory, the visual arts, geography and cultural studies. The book contributes to the ongoing destabilisation of the boundaries between law and the broader humanities and will be of considerable interest to scholars and students with an interest in the normative dimensions of law’s ‘spatial turn’.
1. Introduction. Representational Legality: Reading Culture, Thinking Law, William P. MacNeil, Timothy D. Peters, and Dr. Karen Crawley,
Part I: The Spectacles of Law
2. Machiavellian Fantasy and the Game of Laws: Rex, Sex and Lex in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, William P. MacNeil
3. Beyond the Limits of the Law: A Christological Reading of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Timothy D. Peters
4. Envisioning and Programming Digital Legality from SyFy’s Caprica, Kieran Tranter 5. Monstrous Justice and the Weeping Angels, Penny Crofts
Part II: Juridical Spectators
6. Ambivalence and the Spectatorship of Violence: Viewing 'Inglourious Basterds', Alison Young
7. Trench and Trail: Two Significant Australian Contributions to the Scopic Regime of Sovereignty, Desmond Manderson
8. An American Tragedy: Oprah, James Frey, and the Spectacle of Confession, Karen Crawley
Part III: Scenes of Legality
9. Legal Unconsciousness: Law and Melodrama in the Wake of Terror, Bonnie Honig
10. ‘Grandmother, tell me a story’: tales of cultural life and death in 'Before Tomorrow', Rebecca Johnson
11. Mephistopheles in Hamsterdam: Carnival and the State of Exception, Edwin Bikundo
12. The Office of Law in The Secrets in Their Eyes, Peter Rush
13. Postscript: Envisioning Legality and Beyond, William P. MacNeil, Timothy D. Peters, Lecturer, and Karen Crawley
Chris Butler and Edward Mussawir are lecturers at the Griffith Law School, Australia

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