12 dic. 2016

Literatura shakespereana y Diplomacia en la dinastía Tudor

Nathalie Rivère de Carles (ed.)
Early Modern Diplomacy, Theatre and Soft Power: The Making of Peace
London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, 239 pp.
ISBN: 9781137436931

This book explores the secret relations between theatre and diplomacy from the Tudors to the Treaty of Westphalia. It offers an original insight into the art of diplomacy in the 1580-1655 period through the prism of literature, theatre and material history.
Contributors investigate English, Italian and German plays of Renaissance theoretical texts on diplomacy, lifting the veil on the intimate relations between ambassadors and the artistic world and on theatre as an unexpected instrument of 'soft power'. The volume offers new approaches to understanding Early Modern diplomacy, which was a source of inspiration for Renaissance drama for Shakespeare and his European contemporaries, and contributed to fashion the aesthetic and the political ideas and practice of the Renaissance. 

-        The Poetics of Diplomatic Appeasement in the Early Modern Era

Carles, Nathalie Rivère

Part I: From Truce to Negotiated Peace: The Temporal Diplomacies of a Literature of Appeasement

-        The Slumber of War: Diplomacy, Tragedy, and the Aesthetics of the Truce in Early Modern Europe

Hampton, Timothy

-        ‘Mediating Amicably’? The Birth of the Trauerspiel Out of the Letter of Westphalia

Newman, Jane O.

Part II: A Very Political Peacemaker: The Stage Ambassador Between Diplomatic Tactics and Political Strategies

-        The Performative Power of Diplomatic Discourse in the Italian Tragedies Inspired by the Wars Against the Turks

Cimmieri, Valeria

-        The Ambassador as Proteus: Indirect Characterization and Diplomatic Appeasement in Catiline and Measure for Measure

Carles, Nathalie Rivère

Galleries and Soft Power: The Gallery in The Winter’s Tale

Akhimie, Patricia

Part III: Consciliatory Networks as Soft Power: A Dynamic Diplomacy of Cross-Confessional Appeasement

-        Marginal Diplomatic Spaces During the Jacobean Era, 1603–25

Anderson, Roberta

-        Venetian Merchants as Diplomatic Agents: Family Networks and Cross-Confessional Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe

Pirillo, Diego

-        The Fabric of Silk Power in the Sherley Portraits

Niayesh, Ladan

Nathalie Rivere de Carles is Reader in Early Modern English Drama at the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès, France. She authored chapters in the Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Tragedy (2015) and in Shakespeare's Theatres and the Effects of Performance (2013); and is a contributing Textual Editor of the third edition of The Norton Shakespeare.


Queen Elizabeth I of England receiving Dutch Ambassators (ca. 1585)
Staatliche Museen Galerie, Kassel, Alemania

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