26 dic. 2016

Law and Literature: crime fiction & legal theory

Maria Aristodemou, Fiona Macmillan and Patricia Tuitt
Crime Fiction and the Law
Oxford: Routledge, 2016, 182 pp.
ISBN: 9781138818460

This book opens up a range of important perspectives on law and violence by considering the ways in which their relationship is formulated in literature, television and film. Employing critical legal theory to address the relationship between crime fiction, law and justice, it considers a range of topics, including: the relationship between crime fiction, legal reasoning and critique; questions surrounding the relationship between law and justice; gender issues; the legal, political and social impacts of fictional representations of crime and justice; post-colonial perspectives on crime fiction; as well as the impact of law itself on the crime fiction’s development. Introducing a new sub-field of legal and literary research, this book will be of enormous interest to scholars in critical, cultural and socio-legal studies, as well as to others in criminology, as well as in literatura.

1.     Introduction: Investigating Crime Fiction, Maria Aristodemou, Fiona Macmillan and Patricia Tuitt
2.      Mysterium non tremendum: detective fiction as a paradigm of ‘modern’ law, Peter Fitzpatrick
3.     Age of Crime Fiction, Anton Schütz
4.     Crime Fiction and Legal Critique: Lessons from Agatha Christie, Patricia Tuitt  
5.     Cortazar’s Fantomas and the Second Russell Tribunal, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera  
6.     Suspending Democracy: Vigilante Justice and the Rule of Law in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Chris Boge
7.     Perceptions of Law and Legal Systems in African Crime Fiction, Patrick McAuslan
8.     French Television Crime Fictions: the case of Spiral (Engrenages): Coming Out of the Confusion, Barbara Villez
9.     Disconnected Heroines, Icy Intelligence: The Psychopathology of the Isolated Female Detective in Contemporary Scandi-Noir TV Crime Fiction, Janet McCabe
10.  Is Bondurant’s The Wettest County in the World really Lawless?, Chris Boge

Maria Aristodemou, Fiona Macmillan and Patricia Tuitt are based at Birkbeck Law School, London, UK.

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