14 sept. 2015

Docencia en Law and Literature 2015/2016. Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) USA

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160435 – Section 001
Faculty of Arts and SciencesGermanic Languages and LiteraturesDania Hueckmann
TermDay and Time
Spring 2015-2016  (show academic calendar) M  2:00 p.m. - 3:59 p.m.
4  (show credit conversion for other schools)
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This seminar examines the relationship between legal discourses and poetic representations of justice from the late 18th to the 21st Century. Can literature offer poetic justice when, as Schiller suggests, the legal system fails? Moreover, to what extent can literature adequately testify to historical events? Is fiction necessarily false testimony? Or is testimony fictional? Following an initial examination of Aeschylus? Eumenides, where the vengeful furies yield power to the law, the course turns to modern depictions of criminals (Schiller, Goethe, Buchner, Kleist), holy justice (Droste-Hulshoff, Gotthelf), historical trials (Kippardt), and human rights (Arendt). We will conclude with the on-going debate about vengeance and forgiveness in literature and film (Wiesenthal, Amery, Tarantino).a ?With texts from Weimar Classicism, Romanticism, Realism and Modernism, the seminar offers a cultural-theoretical framework for reading each literary epoch alongside historical legal developments.

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