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Bartleby y el Cine (y IIII). Encyclopædia Britannica Educational Corporation (1969)

The first filmed adaptation was by the Encyclopædia Britannica Educational Corporation in 1969; adapted, produced & directed by Larry Yust and starring James Westerfield, Patrick Campbell, and Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch fame in a small role.


Title: Bartleby, by Herman Melville
Producer: Larry Yust & Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation
United States : Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation [production company], 1969.
Physical Description: 16 mm.
Time: 35 min.
Summary: An adaptation of Herman Melville's story about Bartleby, the scrivener, who answers an advertisement for work with a lawyer and after a brief spurt of intense work, gradually breaks down, refuses to move, and eventually dies because he has lost the will to live. A detailed discussion and analysis of the story follows.
Director, Larry Yust.
Language: English

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