28 may. 2015

Literatura y lenguaje de los Derechos humanos

Literature and Human Rights
The Law, the Language and the Limitations of Human Rights Discourse
Ian Ward (ed.)
Walter de Gruyter (Series: Law & Literature 9), Berlin/Boston, 2015, vi, 336 pp.
ISBN: 9783110368567

The idea of human rights is not new. But the importance of taking rights seriously has never been more urgent. The eighteen essays which comprise Literature and Human Rights are written as a contribution to this vital debate. Each moreover is written in the spirit of interdisciplinarity, reaching across the myriad constitutive disciplines of law, literature and the humanities in order to present an array of alternative perspectives on the nature and meaning of human rights in the modern world. The taking of human rights seriously, it will be suggested, depends just as much on taking seriously the idea of the human as it does the idea of rights.


Literature and Human Rights: Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Law, the Language and the Limitations of Human Rights Discourse, pp. 1-8
Empathy, Literature and Human Rights: The Case of Elliot Perlman, The Street Sweeper
Helle Porsdam, pp. 9-26
Privacy, Blighted Lives, and a Blindspot in British Law
Richard Mullender, pp. 27-66
A Squeamishness about Existing: Fernando Pessoa’s Quiet Rejection of the Human in The Book of Disquiet
Maria Aristodemou, pp. 67-82
I and Another: Rethinking the Subject of Human Rights with Dostoyevsky, Bakhtin and Simondon
Riccardo Baldissone, pp. 83-100
Dehumanizing the Enemy: How to Avoid Human Rights
Daniela Carpi, pp. 101-112
Am I not a man and a brother?
Patrizia Nerozzi Bellman, pp. 113-132
Mental Illness and Human Rights in Patrick McGrath’s Asylum
Chiara Battisti, pp. 133-154
The Role of Forensics in Human Rights Discourse: Kathy Reichs’s Crime Fiction and the Rights of the Dead
Sidia Fiorato, pp. 155-170
Rumpole and the Rights of Accused Terrorists
Roxanne Barbara Doerr, pp. 171-184
Reality, Theatre and Human Rights
Carla Dente, pp. 185-194
The Rights and Wrongs of Marriage: Article 16.2 UDHR and the Case of Edith Dombey
Ian Ward, pp. 195-204
Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters and the Cause of Female Literacy in India
Paola Carbone, pp. 205-228
The Trial of Jomo Kenyatta, by Montagu Slater: Oral Tradition and Fundamental Rights in the Trial
Lisa Lanzoni, pp. 229-234
‘n Droë Wit Seisoen in die Stormkaap: André Brink and the Fundamental Rights of the Afrikaners in Apartheid South Africa
Matteo Nicolini, pp. 235-254
The Definition of “Linguistic Minority”
Alessandra Tomaselli / Lino Panzeri, pp. 255-270
Rights of Humans/Rights of Nature: The Language of Environmental Rights in UN Documents
Valentina Adami, pp. 271-288
On Crimes, Punishments, and Words: Legal and Language Issues in Cesare Beccaria’s Works
Mara Logaldo, pp. 289-308
Dignity and Disgrace in Law and Literature
Jeanne Gaakeer, pp. 309-328
Contributors, pp. 329-332
Index, pp. 333-336

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