21 may. 2015

Divinas palabras. Acercamientos hermenéuticos a la mística imaginación poética (con trazos jurídicos)

Poetry and the religious imagination: the power of the word
Francesca Bugliani Knox and David Lonsdale (eds.)
Ashgate Publishing Company, Farnham, Surrey. Burlington, VT., 2015, 280 pp.
ISBN: 9781472426246

What is the role of spiritual experience in poetry? What are the marks of a religious imagination? How close can the secular and the religious be brought together? How do poetic imagination and religious beliefs interact? Exploring such questions through the concept of the religious imagination, this book integrates interdisciplinary research in the area of poetry on the one hand, and theology, philosophy and Christian spirituality on the other. Established theologians, philosophers, literary critics and creative writers explain, by way of contemporary and historical examples, the primary role of imagination in the writing as well as in the reading of poetry.


Theology and literature in context. Theology and literature in the English-speaking world / Michael Kirwan
Why theologians are interested in literature: theological-literary hermeneutics in the works of Guardini, Von Balthasar, Tillich and Kuschel / Georg Langenhorst
The religious imagination: from Thomas Aquinas to Wallace Stevens. Identifying a religious imagination / Michael Paul Gallagher
Religious imagination and poetic audacity in Thomas Aquinas / Olivier-Thomas Venard
Dante and the indispensability of the image / John Took
Law and divine mercy in Shakespeare's religious imagination: Measure for measure and The merchant of Venice / Paul S. Fiddes
Wallace Stevens on God, imagination and reality /John McDade
Inspiration: poetry and poetry reading. Poetry as scripture, poetry as inspiration / Jay Parini
The poet as "worldmaker": T.S. Eliot and the religious imagination / Dominic Griffiths
Non tantum lecturi sed facturi: reading poetry as spiritual transformation / Antonio Dpadaro
Reading as active contemplation / Jennifer Reek
Poets and spiritual experience: mystical gestures. "There is a verge of the mind": imagination and mystical gesture in Rilke's later poems / Mark S. Burrows
"The pulse in the wound": embodiment and grace in Denise Levertov's religious poetry / Sarah Law
Poetry, religious imagination and religious belief. Images of the virgin in the late sixteenth century: the Catholic devotional poetry of Henry Constable / Lilla Grindlay.

Francesca Bugliani Knox Research Associate at Heythrop College and Teaching Fellow at UCL.
David Lonsdale taught courses in Christian Spirituality and Pastoral Theology at postgraduate level at Heythrop College, University of London.

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