8 abr. 2015

Cine y Literatura. Lev Tolstói

Lorna Fitzsimmonsis & Michael A. Denneris
Tolstoy on Screen
Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Illinios, 2014, 352 pp.
ISBN: 978-0810130210

Scholarship on screen adaptation has proliferated in recent years, but it has remained largely focused on English- and Romance-language authors. Tolstoy on Screen aims to correct this imbalance with a comprehensive examination of film and television adaptations of Tolstoy’s fiction. Spanning the silent era to the present day, these essays consider well-known as well as neglected works in light of contemporary adaptation and media theory. The book is organized to facilitate a comparative, cross-cultural understanding of the various practices employed in different eras and different countries to bring Tolstoy’s writing to the screen. International in scope and rigorous in analysis, the essays cast new light on Tolstoy’s work and media studies alike.

Lorna Fitzsimmonsis an associate professor of humanities at California State University, Dominguez Hills.
Michael A. Denneris an associate professor of Russian studies at Stetson University in Florida and the editor of Tolstoy Studies Journal.

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