19 mar. 2015

Ficción y Derecho. Novedad bibliográfica

Legal Fictions in Theory and Practice
Maksymilian Del Mar & William Twining, (Eds.)
(Series: Law and Philosophy Library, Vol. 110 ), Springer, Heildelberg/New York/Drodrecht/London, 2015, XXXVI, 413 p. 1 illus.
ISBN 9783319-092317

This multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional collection offers the first ever full-scale analysis of legal fictions. Its focus is on fictions in legal practice, examining and evaluating their roles in a variety of different areas of practice (e.g. in Tort Law, Criminal Law, and Intellectual Property Law), and in different times and places (e.g. in Roman Law, Rabbinic Law, and the Common Law). The collection approaches the topic in part through the discussion of certain key classical statements by theorists including Jeremy Bentham, Alf Ross, Hans Vaihinger, Hans Kelsen and Lon Fuller. The collection opens with the first-ever translation into English of Kelsen’s review of Vaihinger’s As If. The 17 chapters are divided into four parts: 1) a discussion of the principal theories of fictions, as above, with a focus on Kelsen, Bentham, Fuller and classical pragmatism; 2) a discussion of the relationship between fictions and language; 3) a theoretical and historical examination and evaluation of fictions in the common law; and 4) an account of fictions in different practice areas and in different legal cultures. The collection will be of interest to theorists and historians of legal reasoning, as well as scholars and practitioners of the law more generally, in both common and civil law traditions.

·                            Preface
William Twining
Pages v-viii

·                            Introducting Fictions: Examples, Functions, Definitions
Maksymilian Del Mar
Pages ix

Kelsen, Hans (et al.)
Pages 3-22

·                            Kelsen on Vaihinger
Kletzer, Christoph
Pages 23-29

·                            Is Law a Fiction?
Samuel, Geoffrey
Pages 31-54

·                            Fuller on Legal Fictions: A Benthamic Perspective
Quinn, Michael
Pages 55-82

·                            The Pragmatic Value of Legal Fictions
Lind, Douglas
Pages 83-109

·                            Legal Fictions Revisited
Schauer, Frederick
Pages 113-129

·                            Legal Fictions and the Limits of Legal Language
Petroski, Karen
Pages 131-156

·                            Legal Fictions and Exclusionary Rules
Stern, Simon
Pages 157-173

·                            Law’s Fictions, Legal Fictions and Copyright Law
Schafer, Burkhard (et al.)
Pages 175-195

·                            Legal Fictions before the Age of Reform
Lobban, Michael
Pages 199-223

·                            Legal Fictions and Legal Change in the Common Law Tradition
Del Mar, Maksymilian
Pages 225-253

·                            Fictions in Tort
Lee, James
Pages 255-274

·                            Ejectment: Three Births and a Funeral
Sparkes, Peter
Pages 275-291

·                            Fact, Fiction, and Social Reality in Roman Law
Ando, Clifford
Pages 295-323

·                            Rabbinic Legal Fictions
Moscovitz, Leib
Pages 325-346

·                            Presumptions and Fictions: A Collingwoodian Approach
Gama, Raymundo
Pages 347-366

·                            Some Uses of Legal Fictions in Criminal Law
Alldridge, Peter
Pages 367-384

·                          Fictitious Fraud: Economics and the Presumption of Reliance
Gordon, Randy D.
Pages 385-403



Maksymilian Del Mar is Senior Lecturer in Law and Philosophy at Queen Mary University of London.
William Twining is Emeritus Quain of Jurisprudence at University College London.

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