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Mundo afectivo y mundo jurídico

Affect and legal education: emotion in learning and teaching the law
Paul Maharg and Caroline Maughan (eds.)
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2011, 338 pp.
ISBN: 9781409410263

This text, the first full-length book study of the subject, seeks to make emotion a central topic of research for legal educators, and restore the power of emotion in our teaching and learning. Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in its reference, it breaks new ground in its analysis of the educational lifeworld of situations, communities, actors and interactions in legal education

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Notes on Contributors

Paul Maharg and Caroline Maughan


1 Why Study Emotion? 11
Caroline Maughan

2 Learning and the Brain - An Overview
Richard Roche

3 Enhancing Self-Control: Insights from Neuroscience
Lorraine Boran and David Delany


4 Can Litigators Let Go? The Role of Practitioner-supervisors in
Clinical Legal Education Programmes
Sara Chandler

5 Instead of a Career: Work, Art and Love in
University Law Schools
Anthony Bradney

6 What do Academics Think and Feel about Quality?
Chris Maguire


7 From Socrates to Damasio, from Langdell to Kandel:
The Role of Emotion in Modern Legal Education
Alan M. Lerner

8 Legal Understanding and the Affective Imagination
Maksymilian Del Mar

9 What Students Care About and Why We Should Care
Graham Ferris and Rebecca Huxley-Binns

10 The Body in (E)motion: Thinking through Embodiment in
Legal Education
Julian Webb

11 Developing Professional Character - Trust, Values and Learning
Karen Barton and Fiona Westwood

12 Addressing Emotions in Preparing Ethical Lawyers
Nigel Duncan

13 Space, Absence, Silence: The Intimate Dimensions of
Legal Learning
Paul Maharg


Paul Maharg is Professor of Law at the Australian National University, and Professor of Law at Nottingham Law School. He has published extensively in the areas of legal education and legal critique. He has worked with regulators, law firms and law schools in England, Scotland, Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Australia.
Caroline Maughan is a Principal Lecturer in Law and Director of Teaching and Learning at Bristol Law School, University of the West of England. She specializes in skills-based legal education. She currently teaches on the Bar Vocational Course and LLB year 3. She is a co-author of the OUP LPC manual 'Lawyers' Skills'. Her research interests are centred around legal education. She has published widely on skills-based, experiential and collaborative learning, and with Julian Webb co-edited Teaching Lawyers' Skills (1996) and co-wrote the student text Lawyering Skills and the Legal Process, (CUP Law in Context series, 2nd ed 2005). She has facilitated a number of workshops at conferences and staff development events across the UK.

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