3 ene. 2015

Derecho y cultura de masas. La franquicias culturales

Law and Creativity in the Age of the Entertainment Franchise
Kathy Bowrey and Michael Handler (eds.)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2014, 304 pp.
ISBN: 9781107039896

 Much of the real value in the entertainment industry today lies in franchises – fictional universes, entertainment concepts, reinventions of cultural traditions and celebrity – that create an ongoing presence in the marketplace. The entertainment franchise now shapes the global cultural landscape. However, scholars have devoted little attention to how intellectual property law has changed or is being stretched in practice to accommodate this type of creativity and form of enterprise. Covering law and practice in jurisdictions such as the UK, the EU, the USA, Australia, Spain and the Caribbean, this collection explores the 'fit' of intellectual property laws with specific franchises and tracks the way creators and entrepreneurs work around law's limitations. Case studies include mega-film franchises, fan activity, hip-hop, the management of celebrity reputation, flamenco, 'Disneyfied' theatre, film and television funding, arts festivals and 'carnival in a box'.


Foreword. Martha Woodmansee

Part I. Introduction:
1. Franchise dynamics, creativity and the law Kathy Bowrey and Michael Handler

Part II. The Productivity of the Author Model: Authors, Collaborators and Non-Authors:
2. The author strikes back: mutating authorship in the expanded universe. Lionel Bently and Laura Biron
3. Franchises, imaginary worlds, authorship and fandom. David Lindsay
4. Digital sampling and music industry practices, re-spun. Johnson Okpaluba

Part III. Managing Authorship:

5. Building and rebuilding reputations: reflections on the role of defamation law in the life of a celebrity. David Rolph
6. Dramatic copyright and the Disneyfication of theatre space Brent Salter and Kathy Bowrey
7. Instituting copyright: reconciling copyright law and industry practice in the Australian film and television sector. Kathy Bowrey and Michael Handler
8. Flamenco music in copyright historiography. Jose Bellido

Part IV. Group Rights and Culture:
9. Arts festivals: property, heritage or more? Fiona Macmillan
10. Franchising carnival: issues of rights and cultural identity. Sharon Le Gall.

Kathy Bowrey, University of New South Wales, Sydney
Michael Handler, University of New South Wales, Sydney


Destaco el trabajo 'Flamenco music in copyright historiography'. de Jose Bellido, que ocupa pp. 170-193

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