6 sept. 2014

Docencia en Law and Literature 2014/2015. Fordham University School of Law. New York. EEUU

Law and Literature

Is law an objective science, or is it also a form of art, the relationship between the imagination and the written word? This course will examine how law is presented in literature, the way in which law can be, and is, literature, and finally, how narrative and storytelling combine to allow for a better understanding of the experience of those who come before the law: what they seek, and what they receive in return. When it comes to judgment and resolution, what does the law provide as perceived by artists who comprehend the world in moral and narrative terms. Do storytellers and lawyers tell stories in the same way, or do novelists concern themselves with moral and spiritual concerns, while lawyers are guided by more legalistic mindsets? The course will also consider the emotional complexity of the human experience and how such considerations are often left out of judicial opinions, but yet remain very much a part of literature that focuses on the law.

Credits: 2
Type: LEC
Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? No
When is this course offered? Fall and Spring semesters


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