5 sept. 2014

Docencia en Law and Literature 2014/2015. University of Pennsylvania. EEUU.

Law and Literature

Although separate disciplines, legal and literary study share common tools, assumptions, and methods. Both operate in the medium of language and are thus inseparable from its vagaries. Both revolve around fundamental questions of representation and interpretation, employ practices of close reading and emblematic case study, and depend upon overlapping assumptions about convention and precedent. Students adopting this concentration will take courses that will introduce them not only to representations of the law in literary texts, but also to the theories of reading, representation, and interpretation that form the foundation of both legal and literary analysis.

Worksheet and Eligible Courses for the Law and Literature Concentration

Students electing the Law and Literature concentration must take four courses, as follows. Please note that the lists below are not exhaustive; your advisor may approve other courses as appropriate:

• Course 1: ENGL 066
• Course 2: ENGL094, ENGL266, ENGL366, LAW 525, LAW 678, LAW 972, LAW 989, LAW 990
• Course 3: ENGL266 or ENGL366
• Course 4: Seminar in English or Related Discipline: ENGL266, ENGL366, LAW 525, LAW 678, LAW 972, LAW 989, LAW 990


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