21 jun. 2014

Los nietos de E. A. Poe en Latinoamérica. Universidad Nacional de San Agustín. Perú


Dejo aquí, en addenda intercontinental, sintética noticia bibliográfica para los amantes de la ‘detective fition’.

Mary Evans
Imagination of Evil: Detective Fiction and the Modern World
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Continuum Literary Studies), London, 2009, 208 pp.
ISBN: 9781847062062

Examines detective fiction and its complex relationship to the modern and to modernity. This monograph focuses on two key themes: the moral relationship of detection to a particular social world and the attempt to restore and even improve the social world that has been threatened and fractured by a crime, usually that of murder.


1. Setting the Scene
2. The Detection of Evil
3. Who is the Detective?
4. The Gender of Detection
5. The Guilt of the Social
6. The Detection of Crime


Mary Evans is Visiting Fellow at the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics, UK


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