5 ene. 2014

Law in Literature. Australia. Derecho y poesía: el rastro de estrellas ardiendo

Frank Bates
The trace of burning stars: law, poetry and rhetoric
Saarbrücken, Germany LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013, 644 pp.
ISBN: 978-3659417405

In this ground-breaking book, the internationally recognised author seeks to examine the complex relationship between law and poetry and the processes which develop to bring about the results which they both achieve. He shows how law and poetry are connected by rhetoric and by circumstances as they both attempt to deal with thematic aspects of human activity, experience and emotion. His discussion in not merely confined to analysis of poetry and case law, but discusses other critical responses to both areas of intellectual activity. It is important reading for those who wish to perceive law and its manifestations in a new light and for those whose aim is to relate poetry to an immediate area of daily activity. It will prove a rewarding experience for those interested in the contextual and international implications of both law and poetry.

Frank Bates, Professor Emeritus of Law in the University of Newcastle (NSW).

Me llega ahora noticia de este trabajo, innovador en el panorama de los estudios jurídicos en Australia, donde se ofrece cumplido examen acerca de la compleja relación entre el Derecho y la Poesía a través de la Retórica. Bellísimo título también. La obra fue presentada en la Universidad de Newcastle el pasado 15 de agosto, con intervención del ex juez del Tribunal Federal Kevin Edmund Lindgren

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