16 may. 2013

Derecho y estudios culturales. Switzerland.

Priska Gisler & Sara Steinert Borella, & Caroline Alice Wiedmer (eds.)

Intersections of law and culture
Palgrave Macmillan (Palgrave Macmillan Socio-Legal Studies),
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 2013, 232 pp. : ill.
ISBN: 978-0-230-29383-0

An inter-disciplinary, international collection that examines the mutual influences between law and culture through a series of sophisticated case studies showing how cultural phenomena are brought under legal regulation, how laws are resisted through cultural practices, and how those practices shape the way in which law is understood and applied.

Introduction: Setting the stage : reading law and culture / Priska Gisler, Sara Steinert Borella and Caroline Wiedmer


Law as Gendered Narratives: Criminal Court Decisions against Left Wing Terrorists; Dominique Grisard
Every Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: Visualizing Judicial Authority in the Press; Leslie J. Moran
I Hereby Find you Guilty of Cheating: How Television Judges Give Personal Problems Legal Dimensions; Anna Krakus
Female Genital Cutting, Migration and the Art of Legal Boundary Maintenance; Caroline Wiedmer


The Actant Doesn't Speak: Configuring a Law for Research on Humans; Priska Gisler
Giù le mani dalla mia storia: Performing Regional Identity Politics in Ticino; Sara Steinert Borella
'That's Life:' Actualizing the Non Lieu as Empty Space; Fabio Ferrari


'On the Study Methods of our Time:' Methodologies of Law and Literature in the Context of Interdisciplinary Studies; Jeanne Gaakeer
The Reader as Thought Experiment: Character, Moral Luck and the Contingent; Melanie Williams
Between the Rational and the Marvellous: Edgar Allan Poe and the Counter-Enlightenment Origins of the Modern Detective Story; Neil Sargent
Law's Life on the Screen; Richard Sherwin

Priska Gisler is Director of Research at the Y Institute for Transdisciplinarity, Berne University of the Arts, Switzerland.
Sara Steinert Borella and Caroline Wiedmer are both Professors of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at Franklin College, Switzerland.

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