17 abr. 2013

Cervantismo y Derecho. EEUU

Susan Byrne
Law and history in Cervantes' Don Quixote
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Buffalom 2012
xiv, 240 p. : ill.
ISBN: 9781442645271


Law and History in Cervantes’ Don Quixote is a deep consideration of the intellectual environment that gave rise to Cervantes’ seminal work. Susan Byrne demonstrates how Cervantes synthesized the debates surrounding the two most authoritative discourses of his era – those of law and history – into a new aesthetic product, the modern novel.
Byrne uncovers the empirical underpinnings of Don Quixote through a close philological study of Cervantes’ sly questioning of and commentary on these fields. As she skilfully demonstrates, while sixteenth-century historiographers and jurists across southern Europe sought the philosophical nexus of their fields, Cervantes created one through the adventures of a protagonist whose history is all about justice. As such, Law and History in Cervantes’Don Quixoteillustrates how Cervantes’ art highlighted the inconsistencies of juridical-historical texts and practice, as well as anticipated the ultimate resolution of their paradoxes.

Introduction : Cervantes' Quixotic mos hispanicus
History, jurisprudence, and the creation of the novel
Giovio, Baeza, history, and law in Cervantes' works
Jurisprudence in Spain, seventh to sixteenth centuries
Laws broken, glossed, and made: Don Quixote
Laws broken, glossed, and made : Sancho Panza et al.
History and historiography in the Quixote
Cervantes' mos hispanicus: considerations and conclusions

Susan Byrne is Assistant Professor of Spanish, Director of Undergraduate Studies of Spanish. Yale University


He aquí un ejemplo preclaro de la fructífera relación entre Literatura comparada y Derecho. Otro no menos representativo es, sin duda, el caso de Dr. Roberto González Echevarría, Sterling Professor of Hispanic and Comparative Literature de Yale University y National Humanities Medal for 2010, de quien merece recordarse Amor y ley en Cervantes (trad. de Isabel Ferrer Marrades).Editorial Gredos. Col. Biblioteca de la nueva cultura. Madrid, 2008, 363 pp. ISBN: 978-84-249-0024-3

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