15 feb. 2013

Shakespearean (y II). Bellum, belli

Franziska Quabeck
Just and unjust wars in Shakespeare
Walter De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston, 2013, VIII, 261 pp.
ISBN: 9783110301052

The concept of the just war poses one of the most important ethical questions to date. Can war ever be justified and, if so, how? When is a cause of war proportional to its costs and who must be held responsible? The monograph Just and Unjust Wars in Shakespeare demonstrates that the necessary moral evaluation of these questions is not restricted to the philosophical moral and political discourse. This analysis of Shakespeare's plays, which focuses on the histories, tragedies and Roman plays in chronological order, brings to light that the drama includes an elaborate and complex debate of the ethical issues of warfare. The plays that feature in this analysis range from Henry VI to Coriolanus and they are analysed according to the three Aquinian principles of legitimate authority, just cause and right intention. Also extending the principles of analysis to more modern notions of responsibility, proportionality and the jus in bello-presupposition, this monograph shows that just war theory constitutes a dominant theoretical approach to war in the Shakespearean canon

Just war theory
Historical development and context
Contemporary principles
Approaching just war theory in Shakespeare
Pacifism versus military realism
Political responsibility
Measure for measure
Richard Crookback
Richmond's just war
Just and unjust wars in Shakespeare
Jus ad bellum
Legitimate authority
Just cause
Right intention
The principle of responsibility
The principle of proportionality
Jus in bello
Just and unjust conduct
Soldiers' consent
War crimes
Strategy and morality

Franziska Quabeck, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany


Nada que objetar a la calidad de los títulos que conforman la Serie 'Law & Literature', de la que el presente hace el núm. 7. Nada que objetar a la dirección de la misma, compartida por Klaus Stierstorfer y Daniela Carpi.
Este blog ha ido ofreciendo noticia de todos ellos. Así,

• Vol. 6: Liminal Discourses (2013) Ed. by Carpi, Daniela / Gaakeer, Jeanne

• Vol. 5: Law and Justice in Literature, Film and Theater (2013) Ed. by Simonsen, Karen-Margrethe

• Vol. 4: Visualizing Law and Authority (2012) Ed. by Dahlberg, Leif

• Vol. 3: Dialogues on Justice (2012) Ed. by Porsdam, Helle / Elholm, Thomas

• Vol. 2: Bioethics and Biolaw through Literature (2011) Ed. by Carpi, Daniela

• Vol. 1: Schneck, Peter: Rhetoric and Evidence (2011)

Mi única observación se dirige a los precios, que en ocasiones limitan las posibilidades reales de alcanzar públicos más amplios.
La calidad siempre tiene precio, pero no puede hacerse de éste un 'inaccesible' que coarte su provechosa difusión.

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