19 feb. 2013

Corso LAW & THE HUMANITIES, 2013. Università degli Studi Roma Tre

LAW & THE HUMANITIES 2013: Course Schedule

6-7-8 March: Prof. David Skeel , "Introduction: Law and the Humanities"
13-14-15 March: Prof. Paolo Napoli, "Law and Philosophy"
20-21-22 March: Dr. Stefania Gialdroni, "Law and Architecture" & Visit to the Court of Cassation in Rome
27-28-29 March: Dr. Kaius Tuori,  "Law and Anthropology"
3-4-5 April: Dr. Stefania Gialdroni,  "Law and Literature" & "Law and Cinema"
10-11 April: Prof. Emanuele Conte: "Law and History"
12-17-18-19-24 April: Prof. Desmond Manderson, "Law and the Visual "
2-3-8 May: Power point students
9-10 May: Prof. Giorgio Resta & M° Enrico M. Polimanti,  "Law and Music"
15-16-17 May: Prof. Lorna Hutson, "Law and Literature"

20 May: Final Exam

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