25 oct. 2012

On visual culture and Law. Scandinavia

Kjell Å Modéer - Martin Sunnqvist (eds.)
Legal stagings: the visualization, medialization and ritualization of law in language, literature, media, art and architecture
Museum Tusculanum, Copenhagen, 2012, viii, 302 pp. : ill.
ISBN: 9788763531610

As contemporary culture becomes increasingly visual, new challenges and requirements arise for institutions that have historically been text-based. One of the most important institutions facing this challenge is that of law. A collection of articles written by lawyers and scholars in a variety of fields, Legal Stagings examines the many visual representations law has assumed across a multitude of scholarly disciplines and artistic genres, including architecture, theatre, cinema, literature, and journalism, as well as in courtroom art and portraiture. Mixing theoretical analysis with practical experiences, the articles here examine not only how law contributes to visual culture but how that culture in turn analyzes, maintains, criticizes, and ultimately transforms law.

I. Introduction

1. Visualization of a Nordic Legal Modernity: From August Strindberg to Lars von Trier
Kjell Å Modéer
2. Visualization of the Law
Peter Wahlgren
3. On-stage and Off-stage European and Global Legal Scenes
Hanne Petersen

II. Law and the Media

4. Media Industry, Economy and Value in Crisis: The Role of Contemporary Journalism in Relation to the Danish Cartoon Controversy
Khaled D. Ramadan
5. Freedom from Publicity or Right to Information?: Visual Cultures of the Courtroom
Lynda Nead

III. The Visuality of Law

6. Law as Visual Communication
Dag Michalsen
7. The Patron-Client Relations Visualized
Cecilie Schjatvet
8. The Menace of Venice, Or Reading and Performing the Law in/of The Merchant of Venice
Leif Dahlberg
9. Man and Dog: The Modernity of Law—Jurists, Violence, Poetries, and a Photograph
Rainer Maria Kiesow

IV. Courts of Law: Their Buildings, Rooms and Actors

10. Images of Finnish Justice
Pia Letto-Vanamo
11. Imagining the Judge: A Case Study of Judicial Portraiture
Leslie Moran
12. This Is Not a Courthouse
Eva Löfgren
13. Stage Justice
Lisbeth Fullu Skyberg
14. From Stone Circle to Transit Hall: Law and Art in the District Court Buildings in Ängelholm and Helsingborg
Martin Sunnqvist

Kjell Å Modéer is professor emeritus in at the University of Lund, Sweden.
Martin Sunnqvist teaches legal history at the University of Lund, Sweden.

Se trata de una espléndida obra. Su contenido indaga en las perspectivas de las múltiples y diferentes formas de escenificación y representación visual del Derecho, y el modo en que ello repercute en nuestra percepción social e institucional de lo jurídico. El punto de vista de análisis es ciertamente importante porque enfoca el fenómeno más allá de lo que ha sido la visión tradicional, basada en una tradición y cultura fundamentalmente textual. Adoptar una perspectiva visual que incluye la arquitectura, el teatro, la distribución espacial y mobiliario de las salas de justicia, el cine, la literatura o el periodismo supone introducir un método ´contextual´. Un ejemplo más de cómo ‘mirar’ el Derecho y descubrir nuevas visiones.
Con viva recomendación.

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