20 oct. 2012

Music & Law. Hip-Hop Law

Smits, Jan M.-Ernst, Andrei- Iseger, Steven and Riaz, Nida
If You Shoot My Dog, I Ma Kill Yo’ Cat: An Enquiry into the Principles of Hip-Hop Law


This article investigates how the law is perceived in hip-hop music. Lawyers solve concrete legal problems on basis of certain presuppositions about morality, legality and justice that are not always shared by non-lawyers. This is why a thriving part of academic scholarship deals with what we can learn about laymen’s perceptions of law from studying novels (law and literature) or other types of popular culture. This article offers an inventory and analysis of how the law is perceived in a representative sample of hip-hop lyrics from 5 US artists (Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Ludacris and Jay-Z) and 6 UK artists (Ms Dynamite, Dizzee Rascal, Plan B, Tinie Tempah, Professor Green and N-Dubz). After a methodological part, the article identifies four principles of hip-hop law. First, criminal justice is based on the age-old adage of an eye for an eye, reflecting the desire to retaliate proportionately. Second, self-justice and self-government reign supreme in a hip-hop version of the law: instead of waiting for a presumably inaccurate community response, it is allowed to take the law into one’s own hands. Third, there is an overriding obligation to respect others within the hip-hop community: any form of ‘dissing’ will be severely punished. Finally, the law is seen as an instrument to be used to one’s advantage where possible, and to be ignored if not useful. All four principles can be related to a view of the law as a way to survive in the urban jungle.

Law and literature, law and popular culture, music, hip-hop, punishment, respect, evolution.

Jan M. Smitis. Maastricht University Faculty of Law - Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI); University of Helsinki - Center of Excellence in Foundations of European Law and Polity.

Download This Paper: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2158178&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fworks.bepress.com%2Fjan_smits%2F62%2F

Interesante y sugestiva incursión jurídica en la cultura popular y las músicas más contemporáneas. De esto se trata justamente. Así pues, vale más este tipo intentos que seguir con una idea "desafinada" de 'Ciencia jurídica', y que más pronto que tarde nos manden irnos a todos "con la música a otra parte".
En este blog y a lo largo del presente año y el anterior he recogido experiencias docentes y resultados de investigación relacionados con Dylan (New Yor, Italia) y el Rock and Roll (Francia, Brasil). Me alegra sumar esta nueva referencia.
El trabajo se publicará en 2013 en la revista Ars Aequi, si bien ya se encuentra accesible en la red..

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