13 jul. 2011

Interdisciplinaridad y Derecho/ Interdisciplinary and Law

Bart van Klink and Sanne Taekema (ed.)
Law and Method
Interdisciplinary Research into Law

Mohr Siebeck (POLITIKA 4), Tübingen, 2011. IX, 388
ISBN 978-3-16-150676-5

This book gives an overview of the most relevant disciplines for interdisciplinary research on law. What are the characteristics of these disciplines one really needs to understand in order to do research that combines law with them? The book consists of three parts. The first part addresses general methodological questions about legal scholarship and interdisciplinary research. The second part consists of chapters exploring the relationship between law and other disciplines. The disciplines are classified in broadly three categories: empirical social science, humanities, and language-oriented disciplines. The third part contains examples of interdisciplinary research in practice: how is it done, what kinds of problems arise when doing such research, and what insights into law does it provide?


Sanne Taekema and Bart van Klink
Foreword V
Introduction 1
Part I: General Issues
Sanne Taekema and Bart van Klink
1. On the Border. Limits and Possibilities of Interdisciplinary Research 7
Sanne Taekema
2. Relative Autonomy: A Characterisation of the Discipline of Law 33
Part II: Interdisciplinary Research in Theory
Koen Van Aeken
3. Law, Sociology and Anthropology: A Liaison Beginning Endlessly 55
Alessio M. Pacces and Louis Visscher
4. Law and Economics: Methodology 85
Barbara A. Spellman
5. Law and Psychology: Problems and Promise 109
Randall Lesaffer
6. Law and History: Law between Past and Present 133
Oliver W. Lembcke
7. Law and Political Theory: The Other Side of the Story 153
Wibren van der Burg
8. Law and Ethics: The Twin Disciplines 175
David Janssens
9. Law and Philosophy: The Drama of Question and Answer 195
Jeanne Gaakeer
10. Law, Language and Literature: Their Interrelations in
Law and Literature 215
Willem Witteveen
11. Law and Rhetoric: A Misunderstood Relation 237
Eveline Feteris and Harm Kloosterhuis
12. Law and Argumentation Theory: Theoretical Approaches
to Legal Justification 253
Part III: Interdisciplinary Research in Practice
Nienke Doornbos
13. Dilemmas and Strategies in Research on Migrants: A Case Study
in Law and Sociology 277
Michiel Kähne
14. Indigenous Land Governance in Bolivia: A Case Study in Law
and Anthropology 289
Hila Nevo
15. Interdisciplinary Research in the Field of Competition Law:
A Case Study in Law and Economics 301
Nicolle Zeegers
16. The Mobilizing Force of Legal Rules: A Case Study in Law
and Political Science 315
Eric Tjong Tjin Tai
17. Duties of Care and Ethics of Care: A Case Study in Law and Ethics 329
Julen Etxabe
18. What do the Poets Know about Democracy? A Case Study in Law
and Literature 341
Francesca Dominello
19. Framing Law at a Different Angle: A Case Study in Law and Film 355
Henrike Jansen
20. Analyzing Arguments in Legal Discourse: A Case Study
in Argumentation Theory 367
Contributors 379
Index 385

Bart van Klink, Professor of Legal Methodology, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Sanne Taekema, Professor of Jurisprudence, Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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