1 abr. 2011

Justicia y mundo rural. Jueces de Paz: Derecho y Literatura (18th century England)

Claudine L. Maria-Julia Boros, Justice Henry Fielding's Influence on Law and Literature Xlibris Corporation, 2010, 156 pp. ISBN-13: 9781453562994

This book presents and analyzes Magistrate (Justice of the Peace) Henry Fielding's impact on law and literature through his pamphlets, periodicals and novels, in the context of laws, legal affairs, legal administration, and the social-economic political and legal environment present in 18th century England. I demonstrate and argue that among novels of all time--the most extensive and diversified coverage of laws, Justices of Peace, lawyers, crimes, and the socio-economic environment, particularly rural 18th century England. Of all the noteworthy 18th century novelists or fiction writers, Justice Henry Fielding is the only one who was also a jurist. This book is also focused on demonstrating how extensively Fielding was consumed throughout his life and the area of law, from his early age to his death, but with a far broader spectrum, education, and experience than anyone except perhaps Lord High Chancellor Hardwicke and Sir William Blackstone. Justice Henry Fielding traveled a long and diversified path in the legal arena to reach the level of expertise, which he deployed in providing his public with Tom Jones, Amelia, and Joseph Andrews as well as his journals and political pamphlets.

Claudine Maria-Julia Boros, Doctor of Arts from St. John's University in 18th century Literature.

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