22 dic. 2010

Shakespeare para citar en juicio

Margaret Graham Tebo,
Shakespeare for lawyers: a practical guide to quoting the bard
American Bar Association, Chicago, 2010, xi+155 pp.
ISBN: 9781604428360

Shakespeare for Lawyers: A Practical Guide to Quoting the Bard reveals the practice of law is more than a job to those who do it. Once you learn that peculiar blend of Latin "spin" and double-speak known as legalese, you never look at anything quite the same again. Just ask anyone who is not a lawyer for confirmation that lawyers are indeed a different species of neighbors, friends, parents and coworkers
According to author Meg Tebo, the camaraderie of having survived law school and the bar exam imbues the profession with a sort of "Hotel California" quality: You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Or in other words, once a lawyer, always a lawyer. "Shakespeare for Lawyers" commiserates with and celebrates that fact.

Shakespeare for Lawyers contains more than 100 funny, sharp, witty, sad, and instructional quotes pulled from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets by a lawyer, for lawyers, and includes instructions on how they might be used in a courtroom, mediation, or elsewhere. And of course, the book features an extra section exploring what the Bard had to say about the law and those who practice it.

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